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It's The Paddle!
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The Game of Paddle Tennis

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View the various Paddles here:

Picture 1 - Orange and
Pink Solergy Paddles (NEW!)

Picture 2 - XTP Venice v.2

Picture 3 - XTP Tour

Picture 4 - XTP Spank

Picture 5 - XTP Tour Advantage

Picture 6 - XTP Team

Picture 7 - XTP Brut

Picture 8 - XTP Venice33
(currently SOLD OUT!)

Picture 9 - XTP Venice Black-Red
(slightly stiffer eva foam core
for "more control"
but weighs 347 gram — In Stock)

Picture 10 - XTP Venice Grey/Raspberry
(a portion of sales goes to
"The Breast Cancer Research" fund)

Picture 11 - XTP Cover

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PADDLES NOTE: The newest XTP Venice paddles include the Gray and Raspberry color, which has slightly softer eva foam core for added punch. It weighs in at 345 grams. A portion of its sales goes to "The Breast Cancer Research" fund. The other new paddle is the Black and Red one, the XTP 29mm VENICE, which has an Xtreme Texture and a slightly stiffer eva foam core for "more control," but weighs only 347 grams. Both models are IN STOCK NOW. AND, either model can be purchased with or without the new XTP Cover (also pictured). You can get them at www.RACQUETS4LESS.com.



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